The movie is based upon a real tale of a team of 71 undertrained as well as underarmed, outgunned student-soldiers of South Korea throughout the Oriental Battle, that were primarily eliminated on August 11, 1950, throughout the Fight of P’ohang-dong. For 11 hrs, they protected the regional P’ohang ladies’ intermediate school, a critical factor for protecting the battling Nakdong River boundary, from a strike by frustrating North Oriental pressures, particularly the been afraid 766th Device.

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Oh Jang-Beom is a volunteer militia student-soldier in a fight inside Yeongdeok, North Gyeongsang District. He is purchased to playing around and also supply products to soldiers in requirement, and also aid with any type of hurt soldiers. As the city is later on overwhelmed with North Oriental soldiers, he is ordered by Lieutenant Kim Jun-Seop as well as drew behind a structure to conceal with him as well as his squad. They relocate with the alleys where they face North Oriental pressures striking from both ends of the slim street. Kim as well as Jang-Beom makes it through the bloody firefight. An enduring North Oriental mortally injured the lieutenant. The North Oriental soldier is eliminated by South Oriental supports, as well as they assist the injured policeman to an area health center in Pohang. Really feeling guilty, Jang-Beom stick with the leader, and also aims to comfort him; however he quickly passes away from loss of blood as well as his injuries.

Oh Jang-beom is later on pushed into ending up being the leader of a student-soldier device, as he is just one of just 3 of the trainees in his college that has battle experience, as well as all routine soldiers are required at the Nakdong River. One evening, they ward off a team of North Koreans from the 766th Device, Fifth Department, North Oriental Individuals’s Military. Later on, while creating a note to his mommy, he questions why they need to go to battle. The following day, while on patrol, they come under attack from a North Oriental sniper. They go after the sniper that leads them to an area, where adversary soldiers are waiting. The trainees are assailed as well as experience hefty casualties. Oh Jang-beom as well as a number of various other pupils endures. A pupil soldier, Ku Kap-Jo, directly stabs a task force to fatality in the fight. Jang-beom as well as Kap-Jo faces a young North Oriental youngster soldier, and also Gu Kap-Jo eliminates him, neglecting Oh Jang-Beom’s appeals. Spirits is significantly decreased by the end result of the altercation.

The captain of the soldiers just recently based at the institution is under strike. Later on, a trainee soldier, Dal-Young, is caught by the North Koreans while patrolling as well as is questioned for info regarding the colleges’ protection. Park Mu-Rang, an upper-level North Oriental police officer regulating the 766th, gets in the camping tent where he is being questioned. Being a papa, Park Mu-Rang has compassion with the pupil, and also returns him to the college unimpaired. When he shows up, he informs Oh Jang-Beom that in 2 hrs from that factor, his North Oriental soldiers would certainly inhabit the institution, which if Oh Jang-Beom flies a white flag over the institution, Park Mu-Rang would certainly save the lives of all the pupils. Remembering his orders, Oh Jang-Beom informs Park Mu-Rang that they will certainly see each various other right here in 2 hrs.

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Kap-Jo is agitated by Dal-Young’s contract with the North Koreans, as well as both defend a brief time, being disrupted by Yong-Bae, that, from grace, had actually simply eliminated his more youthful sibling, that was mortally injured in the ambush. After That, Gu Kap-Jo proclaims that he is likely to Nakdong River, as well as entrusts his close friend, Chang-Wu. Quickly after leaving, Gu Kap-Jo as well as Chang-Wu come across a North Oriental vehicle full of products that was embedded the roadway. They make believe to be good friends of the North Oriental pressures and also provide to assist the soldiers. After effectively obtaining the vehicle unstuck, the North Oriental soldiers trigger Kap-Jo with some concerns, as well as await Kap-Jo’s action.

The various other trainees choose to find with each other to protect the institution, as well as boost their defenses. The KPA Leader advises his military to establish a line of protection 1 kilometer from the college and also await the signal to assault after that. Oh Jang-beom prepares the trainees for the assault. They identify how you can terminate a mortar (by kicking it) as well as notify the Oriental Individuals’s Military that they prepare. The pupils at first have the ability to bring upon terrible casualties on the North Oriental communist pressures with a number of arranged strikes. The communist pressures are as well numerous in number as well as are much better armed and also qualified, as well as they rapidly bewilder the pupils.

After the North Oriental pressures have actually taken a lot of the college, Oh Jang-Beom orders the remainder of the pupils inside the structure. As all hope appears shed at this moment, the supply vehicle Kap-Jo as well as Chang-Wu experienced from in the past can be found in from the side of the North Koreans. In the rear of the vehicle is Gu Kap-Jo shooting a Gatling gun at the North Oriental soldiers, as Chang-Wu drives the vehicle right into the front of the entry of the institution, while Kap-Jo proceeds giving cover fire. Utilizing the vehicle as cover, the trainees discharge tools as well as ammo from the vehicle as well as bring them inside the institution.

Now, a North Oriental container brings up as well as starts to pester the institution structure. Oh Jang-Beom and also Gu Kap-Jo nestle in a class, where they relax. Gu Kap-Jo discloses to Oh Jang-Beom that he isn’t really in fact a trainee, due to the fact that his household was as well inadequate to send him to institution. Remaining in the exact same circumstance of being a pupil soldier, Oh Jang-Beom feels sorry for Kap-Jo and also they have a new-found regard for each and every various other. As the North Koreans get into the college, exterminating any type of staying trainees, Oh Jang-Beom and also Gu Kap-Jo, in addition to Dal-Young make their method via the halls in an initiative to obtain to the roofing system of the structure. Dal-Young is eliminated when he guards Kap-Jo from an assaulting opponent soldier. Oh Jang-Beom as well as Kap Jo battle their means via the halls as well as make it to the staircases where they meet Chang-Wu and also one more pupil.

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Chang-Wu informs Kap-Jo to hurry the stairways and also Kap-Jo informs him to satisfy them on the roofing system. When on the roofing, Oh Jang-Beom as well as Kap Jo established in the front-center of the roofing with some sandbags and also a number of machine gun, and also safeguard their placement there, eliminating numerous North Koreans prior to a container fires at the roof covering, tossing them back as well as stunning them. Park Mu-Yang sees both on the roofing system and also makes his method right into the structure to complete them off. At this moment, almost all the trainees with the exception of Oh Jang-Beom as well as Kap-Jo are dead.

Oh Jang-Beom and also Gu Kap-Jo cover both entryways of the roofing system, taking turns refilling the placed machine gun, and also enjoy each various other’s backs. As North Koreans appear to put out of each entryway, the placed machine gun jams, and also both trainees are injured. Kap-Jo stands as well as remains to battle along with Oh Jang-Beom as well as they eliminate the continuing to be bear up the roofing.

At the very same time, Captain Kang Suk-Dae and also his South Oriental supports come to the institution, and also start to get rid of the location of North Koreans. Later on, Jang-Beom breaks down from fatigue. Park Mu-Yang gets here into the roofing, as well as calls out to Kap-Jo, that reverses and also is fired numerous times from Park’s Gatling gun. Park discards his machine gun as well as takes out his handgun as well as comes close to Jang Beom, when he is ordered by the leg by Kap-Jo. In spite of being mortally injured, Kap-Jo efforts to stab Park in the leg. Park after that eliminates Kap-Jo.

As Park prepares to fire Jang-Beom, Jang-Beom after that requires him up with his last little bit of stamina, and also both concurrently fire each various other. Both are currently hemorrhaging a lot. Park tries to round off Jang-Beom, yet Kang gets here and also eliminates Park. Jang-Beom passes away from his injuries as Kang conveniences him.

From 71 trainees, an overall of 48 were eliminated protecting the institution. The flick finishes with a scene revealing the student-soldiers firm taking a team image prior to the problem.

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