Kang Jae-kyung (Hyun Container) is your normal abundant child. He is egotistic, drives flashy cars and trucks, and participates in the large clubs and also trips with college hallways on his bike. As his 18th birthday celebration strategies, he is readied to acquire his grandpa’s lot of money, yet initially Jae-kyung is called for to move to a brand-new institution in Gangwon District and also grad. Up until after that all accessibility to his penthouse, home and also bank card are rejected. Must he cannot finish or leaves after that he sheds whatever. If he desires to surrender, he will just obtain 0.1% of his over-all inheritance. With this in mind, he goes out to the countryside, to a village where life is much gotten rid of from just what he is made use of to.

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Soon after resolving right into his brand-new house, he fulfills 19-year-old Choi Eun-hwan (Lee Yeon-hee), that took place to encounter him back in Seoul. They do not precisely click; he’s much also persistent as well as great for institution. On the other hand, she sees wish for him as well as lays out to earn him see it for himself. They at some point attract better, many thanks to a collection of coincidences as well as college tasks. Jae-kyung discovers of Eun-hwan’s incurable illness as well as does just what he could to earn her delighted. He also informs his attorney that he would certainly surrender his inheritance so he can get an orphanage for her.

Someday throughout the practice session of a dip into college, Jae-kyung notifications that the play is appears like the event that had actually taken place in his life. He remembers a childhood years memory of going to the orphanage at Gangwon, where he had actually satisfied Eun-hwan as well as had actually made a pledge to return in 10 days. He discovers Eun-hwan as well as informs her that he did not remember her or his pledge due to the fact that his moms and dads had actually passed away in a vehicle mishap on that particular very same day as well as his memories were hence gotten rid of. He informs her he likes her and also they kiss.

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The day of the play comes and also Jae-kyung asks his schoolmate to trade areas as a support; him as the Colonel instead of the house maid. He most likely to Eun-hwan’s side and also she asks him if he might place on the socks he purchased her earlier. While they are dancing, she really feels an unexpected discomfort and also goes backstage much to Jae-kyung’s concern. She returns. Eun-hwan’s mommy has actually likewise involved see the program.

Later on, they commemorate the success of the play. The pair rest on a swing, Eun-hwan informs Jae-kyung “I enjoy you” which she’s drowsy. Prior to going to sleep, she informs Jae-kyung to wake her up after 3 minutes, not long after the initial snow comes.

On their college graduation day, Eun-hwan obtains the Honor of Relationship yet does not go to the event as she never ever got up. An arrangement of white blossoms beings in her seat rather, alongside Jae-kyung’s chair. He remains for some time as well as strolls outdoors bring the blossoms. His grandpa’s attorney comes, praises him and also informs him that the inheritance is currently his.

Later on, Jae-kyung develops a residence with countless home windows in memory of Eun-hwan. He mentions that after 50 initial snows struck its home windows, they will certainly reunite.

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