How come my player is not working?

There could be number of reasons. First please make sure your PC meets the specification to play certain videos. Please click here to make sure your PC meets the right technical specification. Second, please make sure the following ports are open on your firewall: Port 7139 and Port 8080. Third, please make sure you have enough bandwidth to stream properly. You can click here to do a speed test. Make sure you click on the San Francisco server to determine your approximate bandwidth from where you are to our servers.

What are the broadband requirements?

Broadband requirements will depend on what kind of video you are watching. It is recommeneded at most TV viewers need at minimal 500 Kbps to watch most TV programs. Higher quality videos will require higher bandwidth. It is highly recommended your broadband Internet connection is at minimal 1.5 Mbps or higher to watch higher quality videos.

What are the requirements for my computer?

Please make sure you have the following minimum system or better: Pentium 4. 2.0 Ghz or higher, at least 256MB ram, a high quality video card with at least 128 MB of ram, 2GB of free hard drive space (for download only).

I noticed there are a few P2P TV players out there, what's the difference between MyTVPal and those players?

First of all, MyTVPal can stream HD content over the Internet, most of the other players can’t. Second of all, most P2P programs suck up your bandwidth and CPU power in the background even when you are not watching a video. MyTVPal player only uses CPU and bandwidth when you are watching a video. Third of all, some P2P programs out there have spyware, adware and malware. MyTVPal player does not have any of those. Finally, MyTVPal is just better looking overall and it is ridiculously easy to install.

Why do I want to view a movie from the Internet instead of watching a DVD?

MyTVPal player is designed to watch lower quality Internet TV broadcasts as well as high quality HD (High Definition) videos. By using the latest MPEG 4 compression technology, you can watch all the videos instantly from the internet full screen and high quality from near dvd quality up to high definition 1920X1080 (1080p) depending on your internet connection. Premium channels offering high quality videos will be available soon.

What is the difference of MyTVPal video services and other Movie download services?

MyTVPal offers high quality instant on viewing with no waiting. Most of the TV programs are free with no cost.

Most of our competitor are offering download service which can take hours or days to download a movie. Also MyTVPal uses the highest quality compressing giving you ultra high quality viewing experience. MyTVPal video service is truely an on-demand service with no waiting. In addition, you cannot see thousands of free TV programmings from around the world.

What is the difference between renting a movie online and receive it from mail and MyTVPal services?

With other online rental services, there is always a limit of how many physical movies are available so you still have to wait in a queue for a popular movie and wait for the movie to be delivered to your doorstep by mail.

MyTVPal doesn’t have that problem and popular movies and TV programs are always available when your PC is connected to the broadband Internet. You never have to wait in a queue or wait for mail!

What kinds of videos are available?

We are currently updating our library to include hundreds TV channels from around the world including movies, sports, thrillers, comedy, children, e-learning, high definition (720p and 1080i) and mature content.

When will the MAC version of MyTVPal player be available?

MAC player is available now.  You can download it from Apple app store.

Is it possible to watch TV on your PC?

Yes. With MyTVPal video player you instantly have access to thousands of TV broadcasts from around the world. You can watch these TV stations from anywhere your PC can connect to the broadband Internet. All you have to do is download and install the MyTVPal player on your PC and go from there.

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