The movie opens up 5 years after the occasions of Don, with Don (Shah Rukh Khan) telling the tale. The European medicine cartel employers fulfill in the French Riviera to talk about a brand-new risk arising from Asia: Don is jeopardizing their organization by damaging their costs, as well as the one in charges mandate that Don should pass away. Residing in Thailand for the last 5 years, he most likely to a remote negotiation to grab a delivery of drug. Rather than the anticipated uneventful purchase, Don battles his escape.

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He goes back to Malaysia, giving up to Roma (Priyanka Chopra) that has actually signed up with Interpol, and also Assessor Malik (Om Puri). Don is punished to fatality as well as sentenced, where he fulfills old opponent Vardhan (Boman Irani). He supplies Vardhan a collaboration, and also they get away from jail after poisoning the various other prisoners.

In Zurich Don satisfies relied on friend Ayesha (Lara Dutta), and also they fetch the materials of a storage locker easily accessible just by Vardhaan. In it is a tape of J.K. Diwan (Alyy Khan), vice-president of the Euro-printing DZB (Deutsche Zentral Financial Institution) that was sent out by Fabian Kohl to reward Singhania (Rajesh Khattar) to eliminate a rival. Singhania was eliminated by Vardhaan 5 years previously.

Don blackmails Diwan right into providing him the financial institution’s plans so he could swipe the printing plates. Diwan misinforms him as well as employs Abdul Jabbar (Nawab Shah), a fatal assassin. Don runs away, and also lures Jabbar to functioning for him. Without various other option, Diwan provides Don the plans.

Don and also his group strategy and also implement a financial institution break-in, hijacking. After swiping the printing layers he is betrayed by Vardhaan as well as Jabbar, however runs away. Sameer (a group participant) calls the cops and also Don is detained; he intimidates Sameer for notifying on him. Incapable to get in the financial institution and also cost-free the captives, the authorities are compelled to collaborate with Don for offering him German resistance.

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Don as well as Roma get to Vardhaan and also Jabbar. When gotten by Vardhaan and also Jabbar – as well as Don himself – Roma is fired by Jabbar when she chooses not to eliminate Don. She still has sensations for Don, although he eliminated her bro 5 years previously, as well as she additionally chose not to eliminate him since she chose not to do it the prohibited method. Don beats Vardhaan and also his hooligans, as well as eliminates Jabbar.

Don eventually conserves the whole group. Don acquires his resistance documents, giving up home plates and also a disc with info concerning his group. He brings Roma to a waiting rescue, as well as they trade glimpses prior to the doors close. Don later on detonates a bomb grown previously in Diwan’s cars and truck.

In a last scene Don still has among the money plates, which the authorities think was damaged by the surge. Sameer was in fact faithful to Don; notifying the authorities belonged to the strategy. The disc Don provided in fact includes the names of the European medicine cartel; when they are jailed, Don ends up being king of the European abyss as well as informs Ayesha and also Sameer they have no suggestion exactly how abundant they will certainly end up being. When Ayesha informs him she hesitated he would certainly be captured, he claims: “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai” (“It is not simply tough to capture Don, it is difficult.”) as well as the movie finishes with the track “Dushman Mera”.

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