The book is discerned from the perspective of five main characters: Astrid Leong, Rachel Chu, Nicholas (Nick) Young, Eleanor Young and Edison Cheng. It is a story that revolves around the majestic wedding between Singapore’s most eligible bachelor, Colin Khoo, and a fashion icon, Araminta Lee, which everyone calls the wedding of the year.

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Rachel is a New York University (NYU) teacher of financial aspects who is from Cupertino, California. She was raised by her single parent and leads a common white collar class life. At the point when her sweetheart, Nicholas Young, takes her to meet his family in Singapore, she is totally uninformed of what is in store for her.

Scratch is likewise an educator at an indistinguishable college from his better half, Rachel. Despite the fact that he experienced childhood in London, he is initially from Singapore. Obscure to anybody in New York, he not just has a place with one of the main ten wealthiest families in Asia however is conceivably sole beneficiary to his family’s incredible fortune. Notwithstanding this riches, he was raised to be modest and to stay under the radar. In light of his childhood, he is sure his family will affirm of his straightforward sweetheart, however things turn out uniquely in contrast to he anticipates.

Eleanor Young is Nick’s controlling mother who is fixated on glory and pride. Since Nick was conceived, she has permitted her relative, the Young family female authority, to for all intents and purposes bring up her single youngster, so that, when the time comes, she will leave the family fortune to him. Thus, Eleanor isn’t particularly associated with Nick’s childhood and is even isolated from his dad, who lives and work in Australia to deal with their privately-owned companies’ there.

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She is likewise extremely determined that Nick wed somebody from the affectionate, rich hover of her companions and plans to attack Nick and Rachel’s relationship. She employs a private criminologist and goes to China to accumulate data on Rachel’s family, which she later endeavors to use to drive Rachel out of Nick’s life, at the end of the day brings about her child solidifying her out of his life. Rachel is stunned when she realizes who her dad, Zhou Fang Min, is and leaves to remain with her companion, Goh Peik Lin, and her family.

Astrid Teo is Nick’s renowned cousin whose excellence is outstanding the whole way across Asia. In spite of the fact that she keeps up a positive picture to her family and society, her marriage is enduring. Michael, her patient spouse, is an independent young fellow who is looked downward on the grounds that he doesn’t originate from cash. Astrid finds that he may have an unsanctioned romance with somebody in Hong Kong. When she goes up against him, Michael confesses to having an unsanctioned romance and clears out.

With the assistance of her ex-life partner Charlie Wu, Astrid goes up against him again in Hong Kong where he uncovers that he has indeed, not been having an unsanctioned romance and has just influenced it to appear as though he had so she would need to separate from him, being never again ready to manage Astrid’s family. In a final desperate attempt to help spare their marriage and make Astrid glad, Charlie furtively purchases partakes in Michael’s new business at an exceedingly expanded cost.

Edison Cheng is Nick’s ruined Hong Kong cousin who fills in as an investor. He is one of only a handful couple of individuals from his group who satisfies his bequest as an individual from one of the wealthiest families on the planet. He needs to awe every one of his companions and relatives at the wedding, yet his designs miss the mark on account of his family, especially his more youthful sibling Alistair who is dating Kitty Pong, a diva of sketchy foundation and expectations. Alistair and Kitty are quickly connected yet she abandons him for Bernard Tai, a tycoon’s child, after Oliver T’Sien deceives her to trust that the Chengs are not as rich as she thought.

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Rachel and Nick endure a dropping out with each other. Scratch attempts to persuade her to remain in the association with him, maintaining that he never again thinks about what society and his family anticipates from him. Rachel doesn’t trust him, asserting that regardless of the amount they endeavor to disregard his family’s inheritance, they know they will most likely be unable to. She discloses to Nick that she needs her kids to grow up prized and cherished by their relatives like her own family has done, not be raised with a family whose essential concern is their own riches, family heritage and the sorts of rich individuals they know.

Rachel says a final farewell to him therefore and Nick understands she’s lost to him. Discouraged, he remains at Colin’s home for some time. At the Goh house, Rachel calls her mom, Kerry, and endures a dropping out with her. She requested to know why Kerry didn’t educate her regarding Fang Min being her dad. At the point when Kerry endeavors to clarify that he was oppressive and she needed to spare her life, Rachel reprimands her for her activities and hangs up the telephone.

While remaining at Colin’s home, Nick laments conveying Rachel to Singapore without giving her an understanding in how to manage his well off family. Rather than his family enjoying Rachel, they effectively turned her against Nick that prompt their possible separate. He specifies this to Colin alongside his contemplations of releasing Rachel. In any case, Colin proposes that Nick battle for Rachel and complete one thing to win her back.

As Rachel and Peik Lin are planning to leave to meet her dad, who is detained in China, Nick prevents them from leaving, uncovering that he’s conveyed the one thing from China to her. To Rachel’s outrage, it’s her own particular mother that he conveyed to Singapore. Irritated with Nick for keeping her one shot of meeting her dad, Rachel berates Kerry: she wouldn’t like to see her again and simply let her meet her dad.

In edginess, Kerry at long last uncovers reality about her genuine dad: it isn’t Fang Min, however a man nicknamed Kao Wei. Rachel chooses to hear her out mother and find out about the manhandle she experienced, including how Kao Wei spared her life by helping her get away to America where she remained with her relatives. After acknowledging how oppressive Fang Min was to Kerry, Rachel is contrite for her prior conduct and accommodates with her mom. Scratch and Peik Lin take her and Kerry out for some stay.

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