Harping on his past radiance as a prize-winning creator, Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) squanders any cash he makes as a private investigator on betting and can scarcely bring home the bacon or pay youngster bolster for his child. He profits by offering his own particular administrations to the investigator office’s customers. In spite of the fact that he is offered an agreement to compose for a manga arrangement with an up and coming craftsman, his own aspirations act as a burden.

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After the demise of his dad, his maturing mother Yoshiko (Kirin Kiki) is by all accounts proceeding onward with her existence with interests with the nearby elderly women. Ryota discovers his sister Chinatsu is visiting their mom as often as possible and suspects she is attempting to soak up her; he trusts she influences their mom to pay for her little girl’s figure skating exercises from her social annuity. His sister in her turn speculates Ryota’s visits are for exploiting their mom.

Ryota is endeavoring to get back with his ex Kyoko (Yoko Maki), who has become worn out on Ryota’s reasons for his nonstop inability to pay youngster support and undermines to quit giving him a chance to invest energy with their young child, Shingo (Taiyo Yoshizawa). Ryota knows that Kyoko has another beau and fears her remarriage will end his association with Shingo. In a stormy summer night protected at his mom’s home with his family, Ryota endeavors to reclaim control of his reality and to locate an enduring spot in Shingo’s life.

His ex says it is really finished with them and adults can’t live just with affection, arranging is required also and Ryota isn’t removed to be a family man. In the event that he were, he would have done as such before. Ryota comprehends and utilizes the tempest as an opportunity to bond with his child by rehashing a significant affair he once had with his dad shielding in a nearby play area as the tempest seethes.

The following morning, they continue their lives.

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