Hanna Kang is an obese phone sex part-timer and also a ghost vocalist for Ammy, a well-known pop vocalist that really lip synchronizes. As opposed to being well-known for her very own remarkable singing ability, Han-na sings backstage throughout Ammy’s efficiency as well as Ammy takes all the credit scores, while Han-na documents every one of Ammy’s tunes. Apart from that, Hanna has a significant crush for Sang-jun that’s a supervisor as well as his conceited papa has the home entertainment business. Eventually, Ammy deliberately dishonors Hanna’s weight before Sang-jun throughout his birthday celebration celebration, understanding well that Han-na likes him. While weeping in the shower room, Hanna hears Sang-jun informing Ammy that despite the fact that they are simply utilizing Hanna for her voice, they should respect her so she will certainly not abandon them. Heartbroken, Hanna tries self-destruction with a gas leakage however is disturbed by a call from among her phone sex regulars that takes place to be a leading cosmetic surgeon. She asks him to execute a head-to-toe cosmetic surgery procedure on her, for which she’ll pay him back later, however he refutes her demand. She after that attempts to blackmail him with videotaped tapes as well as damages them before him to encourage him regarding the deepness of her instability and also discomfort in being fat. The doctor chooses not to run additionally on Hanna, however Hanna endangers to notify his partner concerning his secret attraction. Hanna makes a revealing speech that she does not desire to undertake surgical treatment simply to be gorgeous, yet for the benefit of love and also as a ballot of self-confidence so that she could live a pleased life, as well as the cosmetic surgeon is deeply relocated in the end. Hanna places herself in privacy for a year as she recuperates from the modifications from the surgical procedure and also weight-loss.

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When she returns from the healthcare facility, Hanna is extremely attractive as well as slim. Not also her friend Jung-min identifies her up until a journey to the restroom reveals she still has her back tattoo. At a dining establishment, Hanna is warned that Ammy condemns her for making her hold off the recording of her Second cd which she was required to do a comedy program. With Jung-min’s aid, Hanna produces a brand-new identification for herself; she is currently a Korean-American from The golden state called Jenny. After auditioning to be Ammy’s secret singer once more, she makes her very own recording agreement rather from Sang-jun, asserting that she is “natural”. In the meanwhile, Ammy, unaware much like every person else of Hanna’s brand-new identification, hesitates of a feasible competitors with Jenny for cd sales as well as seriously looks for Han-na to ensure that she could videotape her very own delayed cd (given that she cannot sing the tunes herself) by hanging out with Han-na’s papa that remains in a medical facility as a result of psychological issues, perhaps Alzheimer’s. She really hopes that in spending quality time with him, he could aid her locate Han-na so she could persuade her to find back as well as aid tape her Second cd. While in the washroom, Ammy obtains a phone call from Sang-jun that informs her that he isn’t really pleased with her efforts to locate her ghost vocalist so she could complete her delayed Second cd. He purchases Ammy to surrender her look for Hanna and also offer Jenny an opportunity to assist her coating her cd. He currently had actually quit looking for Hanna and also desires her to do the very same. Sang-jun additionally orders Ammy to concentrate on remembering her lines for a program (that he obtained her in much to her detest) or she’ll shed her work. Revolted with the pointer of remembering her lines for the comedy and also being endangered with shedding her work, Ammy informs him that she’ll discover Hanna due to the fact that like a pet dog, she’ll come running back to her. Love starts to bloom in between Jenny as well as Sang-jun, as he proceeds to advertise Jenny, in result improving Hanna’s self-confidence in her brand-new self. After investing time with Han-na’s papa as well as Jenny, Ammy ultimately recognizes that Jenny is in fact Hanna in camouflage. She starts her strike on Hanna immediately in an effort at retribution for making her hold off the launch of her Second cd.

Throughout a day one evening, Jenny declines Sang-jun’s developments, as the specialist discusses that if he touches her busts, he will right away recognize they are phony. She rather supplies a phone sex session. After Jenny has actually slept, he sees the African personality Jenny had actually made use of the glass as well as understands that he had actually seen it prior to; Hanna had actually attracted specifically the exact same join a sheet of songs. He after that recognizes too that Jenny is really Hanna, however he maintains this info to himself.

Jenny’s launching solitary “Maria” comes to be a hit as well as the videotaping business holds an event to commemorate its launch. On the day of the celebration nonetheless, Ammy brings Han-a’s dad in an effort to blow her cover. Hanna’s papa attempts to return Hanna’s Barbie doll to her, which had actually constantly been Han-na’s preferred youth present from him. Shocked by the abrupt look of her dad and also unknowing how you can respond before all individuals, consisting of Sang-jun, Hanna refutes understanding her dad and also calls him a follower rather when Sang-jun asks her if the old guy is her visitor. As her dad maintains demanding offering her the doll, Sang-jun drags him far from Jenny as well as knocks him down into the flooring. Determined to maintain her real identification a key, Hanna makes no relocate to aid her dad. It is Jung-min that lastly aids him up, casts Jenny an angry appearance and also leads Hanna’s daddy far from the event.

After the event, Sang-jun as well as Jenny are the just one left in the space. Sang-jun discloses to Jenny that he recognizes her real identification yet is currently cool as well as far-off. He appears not able to forgive her for existing to him however claims that he will certainly still function to advertise Jenny as well as continue with her show arranged the following day. Hanna breaks down now, sad and also not able to act to be another person any longer. She take down the posters and also shatters her CDs that are positioned on a table and also obtained reduced from the CDs. Hanna informs him that it is extremely irritating as well as uncomfortable not having the ability to simply be herself yet need to live a lie, specifically before him. The surgical procedure that took an entire year to recoup from was not almost as excruciating as recognizing that she still can not be close to Sang-jun. Hanna additionally makes the factor throughout that also as Jenny, she constantly seemed like she wore to him as well as he cared much more regarding himself compared to her. As Sang-jun aim to comfort her, she brushes away his initiatives claiming, “You damaged my heart. Cells paper could not repair it.” Hanna sees the doctor at his workplace as well as he attempts to console her by pointing out that Sang-jun had not been worth her despair. With her newly found charm, he is positive that she would certainly discover somebody else. Hanna inquires to find to the performance anyhow as the ticket was pricey, however likewise free. The reality ultimately gets to the business employer as well as he is dissatisfied with the entire point after being privately sent out side-by-side pictures of Hanna as well as Jenny.

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Throughout the conference prior to the performance, Sang-jun says sorry and also takes obligation for the deceptiveness in not informing his papa the fact concerning Jenny’s genuine identification being Hanna. Regardless of being alerted to terminate the show, he demands completing the show after advising in charge that he was the one that aided the firm as well as shows his factor by shattering a little bourbon glass mug, while obtaining a cut on his hand. Later on, Sang-jun urges an anxious Hanna to do this performance, except the benefit of the followers or the firm but also for herself, therefore indicating that he has actually forgiven her as well as will certainly remain to sustain her. When Hanna asked exactly what he would certainly made with Ammy as she would certainly intend to make use of the show to shame her more, he responded he cared for it. Sang-jun confessed he understood Ammy lagged it as well as had her discharged after exactly what she did to shame Hanna. At the performance, Jenny cannot sing as well as later on breaks down from the stress of seeing her papa being dragged away by safety as well as informs everyone to quit. She after that discloses to the general public that Jenny is a “phony,” which she is not “natural”, as she had actually asserted. Hanna continues tearfully to inform the huge group her tale: that she was a ghost vocalist to an unappreciative Ammy while she was obese, just how she entered into a year of privacy to recover from the adjustments from the surgical treatment which she has actually deserted every little thing that is dear to her, including her friend as well as dad, to obtain to where she is. She likewise informs the group regarding just how en route to popularity as well as lot of money she has actually likewise shed her very own identification which she could not proceed vocal singing under Jenny any longer. Sang-jun plays a tape of the old, overweight Hanna, vocal singing. Han-na reverses as well as sees her old photo on the display and also informs the group that the picture is the actual her. The group, relocated by her honest admission, reacts by shouting “It’s all right”. Hanna revives her partnerships with her dad as well as buddy. She goes down the phase name Jenny as well as re-releases a CD with her very own name, Hanna, as well as ends up being a very effective songs musician, obtaining lots of followers as well as anti-fans in the process. Sang-jun recognizes the actual feature of Hanna that had actually constantly attracted him to her was Hanna’s virtue, and also remains to advertise her. There is also a tip that there are once again sensations thriving. That understands just what will certainly take place in the future…

Throughout the message credit scores, Jung-min additionally asks to obtain a head-to-toe cosmetic surgery from the doctor.

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