John Forbes Nash, Jr. (played by Russell Crowe in the film) is a kid prodigy. While other boys his age are playing childhood video games, John is reading E.T. Bell’s Men of Mathematics. Finding out more in the house than he does at school, the young lad has the ability to resolve a few of mathematics’s most-difficult issues.

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Studying at Princeton University, Nash is undaunted by other dazzling students and professors. At twenty-one, he writes a doctoral thesis which eventually makes him a Nobel Laureate.

Falling in love with Alicia Larde (Jennifer Connelly), among his college students at M.I.T., Nash marries and quickly has a child, John Charles Martin Nash. The household’s world, nevertheless, has already broken down. John Nash, thirty-year-old mathematician, is now John Nash, paranoid schizophrenic.

Time passes. Two decades which might have been dedicated to consistent, on-going mathematical work escape. Even while Nash is unable to run a classroom, he still produces amazing outcomes in his chosen field.

Alicia, Princeton and John’s household and buddies stand by him. They give him like and provide a familiar environment. Then, achieving exactly what so few individuals have actually ever had the ability to do, Nash apparently wills himself to obtain well.

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In 1994, at the age of 66, he shares the Nobel Prize for work he did as a college student. Most of his colleagues observe that his dissertation, for which he is honored, is far-less advanced than his later work.

In this story behind the film, fulfill John Nash and Alicia Larde Nash. When he was ill), view a video in which the famous professor describes the impact of mathematics in his life (and how he saw such things even.

When he studied at that university, take a virtual journey to Princeton to see exactly what life was like for Nash. When he won the Nobel Prize, hear what he has to state.

Find out about paranoid schizophrenia. Examine what researchers have actually determined about its advancement and treatment. And … find how the condition impacts the person who has it and the lives of family and friends who attempt to be supportive.

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