Woody Invincible as well as Crazy are 2 boys marketing bootlegged DVDs at a little delay in the New Fad Plaza Shopping mall. They invest a lot of their days wagering as well as dedicating minor criminal activities. They satisfy Rolls, a staff member at the beauty salon, after that have an altercation with Mr. Kui, the mobile phone shopkeeper. Rolls often visits a sushi bar in the shopping mall, and also teases with the waitress Loi, that is infatuated with her.

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In other places, underground market suppliers market to 3 federal government representatives a bioweapon which transforms individual right into zombies. They brought a zombie to show the material’s result, however it bursts out as well as eliminates 2 representatives. End route back after grabbing their employer’ taken care of automobile, Woody strikes the making it through representative, that is bring an example of a bioweapon consisted of in a soda container. Believing he requires a beverage, Woody puts the example right into his mouth. Both bring him back to the shopping center, and also Woody harms the vehicle once more. The renovated representative unclothes the vehicle, dropping his mobile phone.

Woody markets the cellular phone to Kui, yet still does not have sufficient loan to take care of the automobile. Both after that burglarizes Rolls’ loan as well as ring. A questionable Rolls asks Woody to locate the burglars in return for a cost-free dish. She plans to obtain him intoxicated, so he would certainly confess dedicating the break-in. At the Sushi bar, they obtain intoxicated, much to the chagrin of Loi. Woody and also Rolls visit the restroom to make love. A distressed Loi follows them, however is wounded by the zombie representative. He informs Woody and also Rolls, however the zombie is currently gone when they inspect.

Rolls allows Loi remainder at the beauty salon. Loi renovates and also maintains Rolls hostage as he still has love for her. The representative recovers his mobile phone from Kui’s store. Kui charges Woody as well as of burglary, as well as Ox, a security personnel, calls the cops. 2 police officers, understood just by their badge numbers, # 3001 and also # 9466, examine the Kui’s, Woody as well as . Their actions makes the policemen’s dubious, and also # 9466 ultimately manacles them in the guard’s workplace. While # 3001 walks around the shopping center to locate witnesses to the burglary, he is eliminated by Loi.

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The representative ruptured right into the safety and security workplace, eliminates Ox and also strikes # 9466. The cop eliminates the zombie, however passes away from his injuries obtains the handcuff trick from # 9466, as well as releases himself and also Woody. Both go to the shopping mall entry, as well as sees Jelly, Rolls’ co-worker that simply returned after a stroll. The renovated Ox from another location shuts the shopping mall’s shutter, capturing every person inside. The 3 after that fulfills the Kui’s, that simply had a quick altercation with a zombie, as well as the team conceals in the beauty salon.

Woody goes out alone to call the authorities. He saves Rolls while Loi is sidetracked eradicating the zombies coming for her. They going back to the beauty salon, as well as the team choose to leave rather than waiting on rescue.

They board a lift, yet it could stagnate as a result of the weight restriction. When a zombie encloses, Kui presses Jelly out. Revolted, the remainder of the team leaves the lift as well as returns for Jelly, yet discovers her dead. They visit the protection workplace, eliminating zombies heading. Mrs. Kui is divided from the team as well as assaulted by zombies. Kui, that is concealing close by, aims to aid, however is eliminated in addition to his spouse. Shows up and also, sidetracked by Mrs. Kui’s fatality, is attacked.

At the safety and security workplace, Woody, Rolls as well as could not discover the protection trick to open up the entryway door. After stating his last jobs, is eliminated by Ox. Infuriated, Woody beheads Ox. Woody as well as Rolls going down the parking lot, currently abounding zombies. Battling their means via the shambling undead, they get to Woody’s manager’ automobile. Loi shows up, raises the garage shutter, after that presses the automobile out to make sure that both could leave.

At a filling station, Woody is not able to locate a functioning phone. He sees an emergency situation program, which alerts individuals versus alcohol consumption sodas. Looking outside, Woody sees Rolls alcohol consumption from the container which he earlier drew from the representative. Woody briefly thinks about eliminating Rolls, yet rather consumes alcohol the remainder of the soda, as well as the film finishes.

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