Ji-charm (Im Soo-jung), not able to overlook an energetic issue in India that has inked itself onto her heart, rejects a qualified suitor and is constrained by her dad, who fears she will wind up an old house keeper, to look for the assistance of an office that has practical experience in finding initially cherishes. She just knows his name: Kim Jong-wook.

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Heading the business is Gi-joon (Gong Yoo), who is youthful, single and male, and outfitted with ridiculous appeal. Obstinately exact by nature and a bit excessively energetic about work, Gi-joon is resolved to finish his initially work, regardless of the possibility that it implies he needs to find each Kim Jong-wook in Korea!

The courageous woman is a rumpled and profane theater chief who still can’t seem to offer some kind of reparation with her failure to complete or begin anything generous in both her adoration life and vocation. The legend is an innocent person with an over the top enthusiastic obsession with request, wellbeing and cleanliness — showed in his flawlessly squeezed clothing and shading coded post-its — who presently can’t seem to jump into a tornado beneficial affair.

The two are total inverses yet in the long run become attached to each different as they quibble en- route to discover Ji-charm’s tricky Mr. Predetermination — and it’s a long adventure since there are 1,108 men who have an indistinguishable name from her ex, from a Buddhist friar to an overweight agriculturist and a truly unctuous plastic specialist, to give some examples.

As Gi-joon and Ji-charm go around the nation attempting to locate her initially adore, Gi-joon ends up succumbing to his customer.

At the end, we see that Ji-charm and Gi-joon in reality initially met at Osaka Airport in 2000.

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