Well-meaning, however socially uncomfortable, Sawako Kuronuma (Mikako Tabe) is nicknamed “Sadako” by her classmates due to the fact that of her comparable hair cut with the primary character from the horror movie “Ringu”. Her life then takes a turn when Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura), the most popular young boy in school, succumbs to her …

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Sawako Kuronuma has a dismal look and, since of this, is nicknamed “Sadako” by her peers. On the other hand, her character is brilliant and caring. Her favorite slogan is “do one good idea once a day,” but she cares excessive about others and can not reveal her thoughts. This has made her rather of a castaway at school.

Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura) is schoolmates with Sawako. Unlike Sawako, he is outbound and popular with all the students. He is even courteous with Sawako, which makes Sawako respect him as well as admire him.

Meanwhile, Kazehaya has unique feelings to Sawako. He notifications the look of respect that Sawako provides to him and suppresses his own sensations for her. With assistance from Kazehaya, Sawako gets better at engaging with her schoolmates as well as makes buddies with Chizuru Yoshida (Misako Renbutsu) & Ayane Yano (Natsuna Watanabe ).

This is a pleased minute for Sawako as she has buddies now that she can talk easily with. But, an unusual rumor of her relationship with Chizuru moistens her happiness. With the guidance of Kazehaya, Sawako has the ability to maintain her friendships and, in fact, their relationship ends up being more powerful. Now being able to reveal her feelings to her friends, Sawako realizes she has special sensations for Kazehaya. Throughout this time, a cute woman called Ume Kurumizawa (Mirei Kiritani), who has actually been buddies with Kazehaya given that middle school, appears in front of Sawako and admits her sensations for Kazahaya and requests for her help …

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