The film begins with a person talking while we see scenes existed are couples on a date which links to what the guy was stating, We meet this man in the future as Takuma.

” My love life has a time frame. It’s much shorter than i have no time at all to waste. I have to shine brilliantly like fireworks in the summer season sky. I discovered out about this when i was 8 years of ages.”

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Onto the next scene, we see two kids in a room where the little woman is observing the little kids heartbeat pretending like she’s a physician. The girl is impressed by the little kids quickly paced heart beat. When again, the little boys describes exactly what he feels which is chest discomfort and nervousness and the woman takes an appearance at his chest. surprisingly, the little woman asks the little boy to remove his underwear however the kid gets puzzled and asks why. Soon enough the little woman begins to tickle the little young boy and aims to take off his underclothing but gets disturbed since fireworks began to skyrocket up in the sky. We get a glimpse of the fireworks and the nest thing we see is the 2 kids leaping with joy outside. The little boy inform the little girl now named Mayu that he will be back after he calls his mother and dad.

The little young boy runs back to the health center and sees his parents through a window. As he opens the door he overhears his moms and dads’ discussion with his medical professional speaking about his condition.

” You suggest Takuma won’t recuperate?”

Doctor: Of course we have not lost hope. But please comprehend that currently there is no known treatment. This isn’t actually a treatment however his diet and physical activities, these 2 should be controlled.

Father: But that’s just to prolong his life right? If we do those things, just how much longer will he live?

Mommy: Don’t.

Dad: No, we ought to understand.

Medical professional: Takuma’s heart won’t be able to endure his body development. At this rate, Takuma won’t have the ability to reach 20.

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Both the moms and dads and the little kid now called as Takuma are all painfully surprised from this news. Takuma turns his head around and sees Mayu who likewise heard the discussion. As Mayu starts to weep, we hear Takuma’s voice when again.

” My love life has a time frame. Let me rephrase that. Our love life has a time frame.”

Then, we see a crying Takuma getting wrapped on to his bed. We don’t don’t what precisely happened however his arms and legs are being restrained so he wont move. He begs the nurses to let him go however the nurses will not pay attention to him. The physician tells Takuma’s moms and dads that its much better to connect him down so he wont pull the catheter and bleed. Then Takuma’s mom comes closer to her kid to indulge him. Just then, Takuma say’s he has to pee but his mom tells him hes using a diaper so he can pee there. However Takuma declines and chooses not to pee since he does not like that someone will alter his diaper after he pees revealing he is not a baby anymore.

Keep in mind * A catherer is fancy word for medical “tube” of some kind.

As the medical professional heads out Takuma’s space, he sees an angry looking Mayu. It is clear that she is mad about Takuma’s condition and perhaps shes blaming the docotr for this. Then we go back to the scene with Takuma with is parents. He states that he just peed and asks his mother to alter his diaper. His mom stands and agrees up from her chair to get a diaper from the drawer as she starts to sob after Takuma excuses peeing and for other indescribable things. Because she feels sorry for her kids condition and that she cant do anything to relieve his discomfort however to be with him, she sobs. Takuma’s dad volunteers to alter Takuma’s diaper and asks his other half to wait outside and starts to cover up with the curtains. As he begins to alter Takuma’s diaper, he says sorry to Takuma.

We go to the next scene were the medical professional is in his workplace as a nurse goes into and the physician apologizes to the nurses. The nurse was confused. The physician pointed at the dirt behind the nurse’s consistent saying that his daughter Mayu did it again explaining that Mayu wished to get him and not the nurse due to the fact that apparently, he is the bad man implying his daughter believes hes the bad man for not conserving Takuma from his condition. Then the nurse has a look at Takuma’s x-ray while the doctor was still discussing Mayu and how he’s concerned about her because she just lost her mother and now she might lose her buddy (Takuma). Then the medical professional asks the nurse if he ought to stop bringing Mayu with him to work. The nurse states that Mayu and Takuma aren’t just friends and the medical professional recognizes that its first love that’s going on between them.

As Takuma says these words, Mayu is entertained and is speechless. Surprisingly, Takuma discovers a 4 leaf clover. As quickly as he tells Mayu about this, she presses Takuma aside and kneels and begin plead.

Mayu: Please, god of 4 leaf clover! Save Takuma! Don’t eliminate Takuma! Please let us be together! Please cure his illness! Please! Please!

Mayu repeatedly pleads and begins crying and yelling. Takuma, entertained by Mayu’s action collects himself up and holds Mayu’s shoulders and kisses her while a weeping Mayu ends up being shocked and locks her lips with Takuma’s. During their kiss, Takuma’s voice pops up once again.

” At that time, I really didn’t understand exactly what death actually meant.”.

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