Kundo: Age of the Rampan is a 2014 South Oriental duration dream activity movie starring Ha Jung-woo and also Kang Dong-won, as well as routed by Yoon Jong-bin. Embed in mid-19th century Joseon, it has to do with a power battle in between the unfair rich aristocrats that run culture as well as a team of exemplary criminals that take from corrupt authorities to provide to the downtrodden and also starving.

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The year is 1862. The late Joseon Empire was a duration of social as well as financial discontent in Korea, and also it was likewise a time of fantastic tyranny. As a result of continual all-natural catastrophes as well as inadequate harvests, destitution, cravings as well as fatality are widespread. The upper class policy the nation and also, worried just with their very own riches, they manipulate and also maltreat the inadequate.

In these rough times, a band of competitors called Kundo surge versus the authorities. They rob corrupt authorities, after that share their loot with the risk and also poor. While the king stands vulnerable versus them, Kundo comes to be a number of anxiety to unworthy nobles, and also a ray of hope in the lives of long-suffering people. The participants of Kundo think that their reason is more crucial compared to their very own lives.

In a period when one’s condition is chosen by birth, Dolmuchi was birthed to a bad butcher, while Jo Yoon, though birthed right into an effective as well as well-off family members, is invalid. Both guys strike an unsafe bargain and also Dolmuchi sheds his mom and also sibling consequently. He is stomped by Jo Yoon that regulates outright power in his overbearing globe. Combining the males that get on the edges of this dark culture, Dolmuchi is approved as a participant of Kundo as well as opens his eyes to the globe. Reborn under the brand-new name “Dolchi,” he attracts his sword from its sheath as well as spreads the darkness cast on the bad and also defenseless. Prior to him, the male that took away his family members shows up. Standing in front of Jo Yoon, Dolchi tests his arch-enemy to a last battle.

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