Hoo Joon is an Oriental Hallyu celebrity operating in Shanghai, China. Fang Miao is a jobbing enjoyment press reporter benefiting a publication. By coincidence Miao captures Hoo Joon conference other Hallyu celebrity Ai Lin at a club as well as photographs both in exactly what seems an enchanting experience. Considering that Ai Lin is dating a 3rd celebrity, Gao Xiang, that is a good friend and also coworker of Hoo Joon, magazine of the pictures would certainly result in reputational damages to both Hoo Joon and also Ai Lin. Hoo Joon captures Miao in the act takes her mobile phone and also ruins it. Acquired, as a spokesperson, entertainer as well as character to a Chinese corporation, Hoo Joon’s monitoring lays out to challenge as well as silence Miao Miao, as well as she is terminated from her task.

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Angry and also vulnerable versus the pressures ranged versus her Miao ends up being Hoo Joon’s anti-fan. Ducting her stress online, with one lady pickets and also minor acts of graffiti Miao comes to be well-known for her activities and also her run-ins with Hoo Joon’s myriad of followers. Her prestige as well as Hoo Joon’s appeal causes both being approached to show up in a fact tv collection with each other; out of work and also encountering the possibility of ending up being homeless Miao hesitantly approves the work, specifying that her objective in the program will certainly be to damage Hoo Joon. Functioning initially as his roadway supervisor Miao quickly locates herself co-habiting with her bane.

Thrown up Miao as well as Hoo Joon find out more regarding each various other both with the difficulties and also jobs established for them by their tv supervisor when efforts by Miao to prank as well as play pranks on Hoo Joon backfire. As they come to be extra comfy in each various other’s firm they expose their desires as well as pasts to every various other, as well as ultimately discover how to count on each various other. Miao uncovers Hoo Joon surreptitiously fulfilling Ai Lin once more, she photographs the conference once more as well as is once again found by Hoo Joon. Instead compared to ruin her phone once more Hoo Joon selects to count on as well as trust in her. He discloses that he and also Ai Lin had actually been fans which along with Gao Xiang had actually been trainees with each other, functioning to debut with each other as a band. When possibility saw Hoo Joon involve public prestige with a small role, their administration business altered their strategies and also debuted Hoo Joon alone as a musician. Really feeling betrayed Ai Lin and also Gao Xiang counted on each various other for alleviation, though it appears Ai Lin has actually held a lantern for Hoo Joon via the stepping in years.

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Showing up an increasing number of on display and also in public with each other as a pair Miao concerns understand that she has actually loved Hoo Joon, a love that Hoo Joon shows up to reciprocate when he asks her to be his companion at a significant amusement occasion. When Miao sees Ai Lin putting on the very same necklace as her, an existing from Hoo Joon, Miao comes to think that Hoo Joon has actually been utilizing her as cover to proceed a partnership with Ai Lin. Really feeling utilized and also betrayed Miao gives up the tv program and also snubs efforts by Hoo Joon to discuss. Miao is supplied a task by her old publication in return for dishing the dust on Hoo Joon, yet still crazy with him declines. Miao Miao’s in deepness short article specificing Hoo Joon’s mistakes as well as indiscretions drops right into the hands of the publication as well as is released. Miao Miao’s short article is a smear item composed in rage, and also she understood it to be so when she tried to remove it, nonetheless with images to support her accusations, the general public concerned think it to be real as well as Hoo Joon’s online reputation is destroyed.

In spite of finding out the reality of the necklaces, Hoo Joon had actually asked his aide to purchase Miao an existing, and also it was Ai Lin wanting to own a wedge in between Miao as well as Hoo Joon that recommended the acquisition of the necklace prior to getting a similar one herself, Miao discovers it difficult to encounter Hoo Joon once more and also without where else to enter Shanghai acquires an airplane ticket back to her home town, Harbin. Aboard the trip Miao discovers herself resting beside Hoo Joon, he claims that he gets on his means to search some places, and also recommends that they need to make a movie with each other. She concurs with a kiss.

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