Oscar Ramirez is a rice farmer that resides in Banaue District with his other half Mai and also their kids Angel as well as Child. When his rice plants are no more lucrative, he transfers his household to City Manila in hopes of acquiring a better of life. While looking for a task, they are supplied sanctuary at a low-income apartment, yet are quickly forced out by the authorities for bowing, as the males that supplied them the home end up being tricksters.

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The following day, the family members relocates right into an abandoned residence in the run-down neighborhoods of Tondo while Oscar protects a task as a gatekeeper for Manila Armored Couriers after the various other guards uncover his armed forces history. He befriends his elderly policeman Ong and also swiftly bonds with his colleagues while gaining the regard of Buddha, the head of state of the armored vehicle firm. On Oscar’s very first day at the workplace, Ong informs him he shed his previous companion throughout a stopped working burglary 6 months prior. Ong is additionally worried regarding Oscar’s house in Tondo, which is a hotbed for lawbreakers.

One evening, Oscar informs Ong the tale of Alfred Santos, a guy that stood up an airplane as well as embarked on the aircraft to his fatality after shedding his dad as well as his family members’ silk manufacturing facility to a competing business. Oscar really feels accountable, as he had actually formerly operated at the manufacturing facility and also did not defend his previous company. Ong provides Oscar an extra apartment or condo system in Makati for his household to stay in.

Mai lands a work as a bar person hosting at a club in Makati. While undertaking the compulsory physical examination, she is disclosed to be expectant. Mai swiftly finds out of the challenges she have to withstand as a bar person hosting. When she cannot make her beverage allocation and also her maternity ends up being extra obvious, her employer suggests to have nine-year-old Angel benefit unique customers.

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Throughout a regular task, Oscar uncovers that the customer is a dope dealer as well as sees Ong take a handout for the distribution. The duo have a stressful conversation on the corruption that shrouds City Manila. When Ong stopped to locate a wall surface to pee on, Oscar instantly sees a black Honda Civic stopped with a team of males going towards Ong’s instructions.

Breaking his method, he leaves the armored van and also complies with the gang walking, just to uncover that they are in cahoots with Ong. After the gang leaves, Ong exposes to Oscar that after the fallen short burglary, he took among the safety and security boxes with him, as well as he is outlining with the gang to have actually package opened up by presenting a burglary as well as having himself “debriefed” in the firm’s handling center while Oscar makes an imprint of the type in an additional space. He likewise endangers to blackmail Oscar with the reality concerning his better half functioning as a bar person hosting, in addition to the brilliant system of leasing the extra apartment or condo under Oscar’s name and also concealing package there.

Equally as Ong prepares to give up package, he understands that the burglar before him is not component of the gang however the exact same male that eliminated his previous companion. The male weapons him down as well as escapes while the gang rates off. Oscar is after that provided the calamitous job of “mail carrier”, needing to provide Ong’s individual results and also discontinuance wage to his other half. He does not reveal Ong’s story to Buddha. According to firm treatment, his pay is put on hold till the examination is shut.

After finding out that Ong’s partner recognizes the protection box, Oscar races back house as well as locates it under the flooring. He and also Mai deal with the problem of just what to do with package as she informs him it was an error for them to relocate to the city. One evening, after a task, Oscar creeps right into the handling center and also takes an imprint of the trick while swiping an additional one, yet is promptly captured on safety and security cam by Buddha as well as instantly caught. He is fired in the upper body as well as passes away with the type in his hand.

Misinformed by the various vital Oscar swiped, the firm hurries armed males to the address of the pusher customer while JJ, Oscar’s brand-new companion, comes to be the “mail carrier” to provide Oscar’s individual results to Mai, her notifications a necklace that Oscar had actually swiped from a store previously that early morning; after opening it, she uncovers a clay imprint of the trick to the protection box in her ownership. After having the essential copied, she takes her kids and also the cash back to the district.

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