My Tutor Good friend (“Tutoring a Student of the Very same Age”) is a 2003 South Oriental romantic comedy film starring Kim Ha-neul as well as Kwon Sang-woo. Unglamorous Su-wan is a student in university that obtains hired to tutor rich mischief-maker Ji-hoon, who is repeating his elderly year of secondary school for the 3rd time.

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Launched on February 7, 2003, the film covered package workplace for 5 successive weeks as well as marketed 4,809,871 tickets, making it the third ideal marketing Oriental movie of 2003.

This was Kim Kyeong-hyeong’s directorial launching. Park Yeon-seon’s movie script was based on a collection of stories uploaded online in 2000 by a real-life English literature significant called Choi Su-wan regarding her experiences in coaching a high schooler of her same age.
This motion picture is about Kim Ji-hoon (Kwon Sang-woo) and Choi Su-wan (Kim Ha-neul), both 21 years old. Su-wan remains in her 2nd year at college while Ji-hoon is still while repeating his senior year of secondary school.

Su-wan’s mother operates in their household service, offering fried chicken. To help out, Su-wan earns money by coaching various other children, however commonly obtains fired after striking the trainees. Her mommy has an abundant close friend with a child seeking a tutor. The close friend, Kim Ji-hoon’s mommy, desires a tutor that will certainly make her kid study to make sure that he could pass his senior high school graduation tests. The salary supplied is enough to pay for a whole term of Su-wan’s university education and learning.

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Ji-hoon is constantly able to draw in the women as well as attract attention through his love of fighting. He has actually recently moved to Surim Secondary school, and also manages to offend Lee Jong-soo (Gong Yoo), “king” as well as ideal competitor there. Jong-soo’s sweetheart, Yang Ho-kyung (Kim Ji-woo) additionally sets her eye on him. He continuouslies quarrel at Surim, including battering a member of the senior high school gang for taking from his more youthful bro Se-hoon. Aside from examining, Ji-hoon is actually rather well rounded.

As a child, he was sent out to The U.S.A. to examine. As a result of his parents’ choice, the connection in between them as well as Ji-hoon is stressed. Ji-hoon’s papa, Kim Bong-man threatens to send him back to the United States if he continues to enter difficulty with his battling as well as bad qualities. To avoid being sent back to The U.S.A., Ji-hoon should access least a 50% on the upcoming mid-term exams. The only issue is that his typical ordinary mark is a lot lower than that.

Su-wan is consistent in tutoring Ji-hoon despite his rudeness to her, as well as ultimately their partnership improves. At the end of the term, Ji-hoon receives a hardly passing grade (50.1), however passing however. Inning accordance with the regards to a bet they made, Su-wan should dance in front of a crowd throughout a college event. While ashamed and shy initially, she at some point delves dancing as well as the target market joys her on. Ji-hoon recognizes his expanding sensations for Su-wan when he gets jealous and also angry at seeing all the men viewing her running up to the stage.

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Then Su-wan’s boyfriend comes back residence. While snooping on the couple, Ji-hoon learns that Su-wan’s boyfriend is breaking up with her. The following day, Ji-hoon appears at his home and defeats him up for injuring her. However, he learns that the factor he was leaving Su-wan was because he was entering the priesthood. After the consecration, Ji-hoon allows Su-wan vent her sensations by striking him for a while. Once she settles down, he chooses to take her sky cruising. While airborne, Ji-hoon tells Su-wan that he likes her. Su-wan do not know how to respond as well as pretends that she couldn’t hear him over the earpiece.

Later on, they most likely to an amusement park just as Ji-hoon will provide Su-wan a present, Su-wan face a female university close friend, who’s accompanied by her guy. Su-wan had formerly relied on the good friend concerning her problems in tutoring Ji-hoon. Su-wan’s friend initially assumes that Ji-hoon is her boyfriend, however Su-wan refutes it, stating she would certainly never go out with a senior high school student. This agitates Ji-hoon and also he tosses her existing into the water fountain as well as leaves.

Ultimately, all Ji-hoon’s battling overtakes him. Ho-kyung and also her inner circle, Jong-soo and his senior high school gang, and also real gang participants face him while holding Su-wan captive. Ji-hoon and also Su-wan handle to flee, yet they eventually get cornered and also Ji-hoon has to fight every person on the beach. As soon as all the various other gang members are down, Ji-hoon faces the mafia’s finest competitor. Ji-hoon goes to the man’s mercy, however Su-wan saves Ji-hoon by kicking the man in the groin. Then Su-wan as well as Ji-hoon repel on her hen distribution mobility scooter, with Su-wan in the motorist’s seat as well as Ji-hoon behind her, his arms around her waist. At the end, Ji-hoon as well as Su-wan are currently a pair, and also she is coaching his younger bro Se-hoon.

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