William “Will” Thacker possesses an independent publication shop, The Guidebook Co. in Notting Hillside. He is separated as well as shares his home with an eccentric, care-free Welshman called Spike as well as has a little; limited weaved team of close friends that includes his sibling, Honey.

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Will certainly experiences Hollywood super star Anna Scott when she enters his store. Minutes later on, they clash in the road and also his beverage splashes on her garments. Will certainly supplies his residence close by for Anna to transform. Prior to leaving, she impulsively kisses him and afterwards asks him in addition to just what simply happened.

Days later on, Spike belatedly communicates a message from Anna. Will certainly phone calls as well as she welcome him to see her at the Ritz Resort. On arrival, Will is misinterpreted for a reporter– in a panic he asserts he benefits Steed & Canine– and also is made to speak with not just Anna, yet the whole actors of her brand-new sci-fi movie, which he recognizes absolutely nothing regarding. Anna calls him back in and also states she has actually removed her night. Will is enlivened, prior to bearing in mind that he is anticipated at his sis Honey’s birthday celebration event; Anna shocks him by supplying to be his day.

At your home of Will’s pals Max as well as Bella, Anna suits completely as they all share tales. Honey quickly acknowledges Anna and also states them buddies instantaneously. She and also Will certainly share a personal minute in a yard square as they stroll back from the birthday celebration celebration. The adhering to night they most likely to a dining establishment, where Will certainly hears a team of clients making unrefined comments regarding Anna and also tries to safeguard her, prior to Anna action in herself as well as degrades them. As they stroll back to her resort, she welcomes Will certainly approximately her area. When he gets here, she informs him he have to leave right away. Her American motion picture celebrity guy (that was never ever stated previously) shows up and also begins to bark orders at him, along with make uncomplimentary remarks regarding Anna’s weight. Anna is regretful and also self-conscious, while a shocked Will leaves. Over the following 6 months, Max and also Bella established Will certainly up on a collection of arranged dates, aiming to aid him go on; nonetheless Will, still hung up on Anna, does not get in touch with any one of them.

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Someday, a troubled Anna shows up at Will’s front door; some pre-stardom naked images have actually been released in the papers (in addition to records of a video clip recorded without her consent), as well as she requires a location to conceal from the results. As soon as she cools down, they invest a long time on the roof patio area practicing lines from Anna’s following movie. She likewise excuses the previous event, informing Will certainly her guy just appeared unexpectedly and also the connection had actually damaged down long prior to after that. When she sees a poster of the Marc Chagall paint La Mariée on his kitchen area wall surface, Anna informs Will certainly that “it seems like exactly how love ought to be”. That evening, Anna most likely to him as well as they make love. The following early morning, journalism (accidentally tipped off by Spike) besieges Will’s home as well as obtains photos of both him and also Anna half-dressed. While packaging to leave, an angry Anna charges Will of making use of the scenario for very own advantage as well as states that she regrets their time with each other, since journalism will certainly see to it never ever disappears.

Seasons pass as well as Will, though figured out to fail to remember Anna, continues to be unpleasant. Spike and also Honey locate the numbers to Anna’s New York City as well as London representatives, urging him to connect, however Will certainly makes a decision to toss them away. At a supper with his buddies, Will certainly uncovers that Anna is currently an Oscar champion and also back in the area making a duration movie. He sees her place shoot, where Anna sees him and also welcomes him previous protection. Points are not going well on collection, she asks him to remain since there are “points to state”. He is shocked to discover that it is a Henry James movie, something he had actually formerly recommended would certainly be an excellent function for Anna. Offered earphones to hear the stars over their microphones, Will certainly hears Anna bantering with her disrespectful co-star, up until the co-star points out seeing Will as well as Anna describes him dismissively. Saddened, Will leaves the collection.

The following day, Anna pertains to the bookshop with an existing. Noticeably worried, she excuses her previous habits as well as shares a need to revive their connection. When Will certainly mention her remarks the previous day, she clarifies that she would certainly never ever review her personal life with “one of the most unthinking male in England.” Thinking it unavoidable that they would certainly separate, Will certainly transforms her down, as her super star condition would certainly indicate he might never ever truly run away the discomfort of shedding her, and also having it occur a 3rd time would certainly squash him. Saddened, Anna approves his choice, yet advises him that beneath all the popularity– which is truly simply rubbish– she is “likewise simply a woman, standing in front of a child, asking him to like her.”

Will certainly fulfills his buddies in a dining establishment with the opened up present– the initial La Mariée. They take turns sustaining his choice to finish the partnership by (halfheartedly) explaining Anna’s defects. When Spike gets in and also is informed exactly what took place, he quickly calls Will certainly a “daft prick”. Will certainly repeats Anna’s last remark and also understands his blunder. They stack right into Max’s cars and truck and also race throughout London to Anna’s resort, where they locate that she has actually taken a look at as well as is holding an interview at the Savoy Resort. When Will certainly gets here, Anna’s press agent is informing the group that Anna will certainly be requiring time off from making movies and also leaving the UK that evening. Will, claiming to be a press reporter once again, confesses he made the incorrect choice and also pleads Anna to reassess. After confessing she would certainly, Anna reveals that she will certainly be remaining in Britain “forever.” Anna and also Will grin at one an additional from throughout the space as journalism enters into a craze. A mosaic reveals their wedding celebration and also arrival at one of Anna’s motion picture premieres, prior to finishing with them on a bench in the personal yard, Will certainly checking out to a noticeably expectant Anna.

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