Stairway To Heaven includes the very first efficiency of one of the most popular female stars in Korea, Park Shin Hye, who went on to star in a bunch of future drama hits, numerous of them reviewed on this site, consisting of Tree Of Paradise, You’re Lovely, Heartstrings, Flower Young boy Next Door, and Successors. When once again we have a Korean drama which begins with kids and their budding fractious and caring relationships with one another, and then jumping ahead a variety of years to see the kids become adults who are trying to find love and significance in their lives. The early part of this drama, when the authors concentrate on the children, is maybe the most engaging part and I feel it should have been extended longer prior to the leap into the world of the adult characters; the shift was too abrupt. The casting department did a fantastic task with this job however due to the fact that the young actors extremely much matched the total physical qualities of the older actors, as seen in the screen captures below.

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The Han household loses a better half and mother to eye cancer. Eventually the daddy Su-ha (Jae-young Ha) marries a tempestuous actress called Mi-ra Tae (Hui-hyang Lee) who then brings her disregarded kid Tae-hwa (Lee Wan) and abrasive child Yoo-ri (Ji-mi Park) to deal with her brand-new hubby and his child Jung-suh (Park Shin Hye). In the beginning Jung-suh is pleased and excited to have a new brother and sis however the household scenario at home quickly ends up being violent towards Jung-suh. The “new mom” sides with her child against Jung-suh, locks her kid in a closet to discipline him, slaps Jung-suh around, when things go incorrect in your home (like Tae-hwa breaking a valuable vase) “new mother” blames her step-daughter. Jung-suh keeps a lot of her sorrow about the abuse to herself, rather of telling her daddy.

Since her long time good friend Song-joo Cha (Sung-hyun Baek) has actually left her and moved to the United States to study, her heart is burdened even more. They had shared so much together maturing, many pleased moments and likewise disasters like the deaths of her mom and his dad. They were expected to fit to America to study but spiteful Mi-ra nixed that and Jung-suh stays in Korea. Song-joo calls her from time to time however Jung-suh does not tell him about the abuse. Jung-suh becomes sad for the disregard and abuse Mi-ra pours on Tae-hwa, not even complimenting him when he wins awards in school for his excellent artwork, therefore she aims to befriend him however Tae-hwa responds by developing a crush on Jung-suh. “New mother” Mi-ra does not even care; she conspires with her own daughter Yoo-ri to win the cross country affections of the left Song-joo, given that he is the son of a rich male.

We then avoid ahead a variety of years and Jung-suh (Ji Woo Choi of Winter season Sonata popularity) and Tae-hwa (Hyun-joon Shin) are still close. He likes to draw her as his favorite model and wants to take her to the local mall where she can ride the carousel like she did when they were kids. When he reveals he is returning to Korea she gladly hurries to satisfy him, she has actually never forgotten her close buddy from childhood Song-joo (Sang-woo Kwon) and. Yoo-ri (Tae-hee Kim) will do anything to keep the youth sweethearts from reuniting. She completely hits Jung-suh with her vehicle as she encounters the street to meet Song-joo. She is taken to the healthcare facility, where a group of individuals had simply died in a fire. Yoo-ri follows and secretly swaps Jung-suh’s ID with among the fire victims to fake her death. She takes the genuine Jung-suh to her biological dad’s (Han-yong Jung as Pil-su Han) house, where Jung-suh is given a brand-new name by Tae-hwa, Ji-soo Kim, considering that she has actually lost her memory after being struck by Yoo-ri. Tae-hwa also alters his own name to Chul-soo Han. Now they can both start brand-new lives and look after each other without interference, or so Tae-hwa hopes.

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Yoo-ri achieves her very long time goal of roping in Song-joo to an engagement, however Song-joo merely can not forget his puppy love Jung-suh. He goes to the carousel they utilized to ride as kids and all of a sudden sees Jung-suh, whom he thought to be dead, riding one of the horses! He chases her, ultimately overtakes her, but naturally she doesn’t know him, having lost her memory. Song-joo does not quit and tries to make Jung-suh remember him. He likewise ends up being extremely suspicious about the events surrounding her expected death.

When Yoo-ri almost strikes her with her car once again, jung-suh restores her memory. She forgives Tae-hwa for all his deceptions, considering that she understands he did everything he did out of love for her (in many methods he is the most admirable of all the characters in this show – this star was likewise fantastic in Roadway Primary and Cain and Abel too). Yoo-ri is arrested, and her mom Mi-ra goes ridiculous and is confessed to a psychological medical facility.

Song-joo marries Jung-suh, but their happiness is short-lived due to the discovery she has eye cancer like her mother did, and it eventually spreads to her brain and she is thought about terminal. Tae-hwa makes an ultimate sacrifice for Jung-suh, whom he has always loved. There is much forgiveness and acceptance in between the characters by the end, and the poetic pictures of this drama at its conclusion are merely elegant. The music rating is also very haunting, particularly whenever they play a variation of Ave Maria as Jung-suh’s and Song-joo’s signature tune.

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