Im Na-mi (Yoo Ho-jeong), an affluent homemaker and also mom, does her day-to-day regimen. While points look best outside (fantastic house, charitable other half, lovely little girl), she is dispirited concerning her life. When she cleans her face, she sees creases on her skin. When she asks her partner to see her mommy at the health center, he responds by offering her loan to purchase deluxe bags, and also her child shares comparable indifference and also nuisance. In the early mornings, Na-mi consumes morning meal alone while dad and also child go to function as well as institution, specifically. She looks outdoors and also notifications a team of secondary school women that are strolling and also chuckling.

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After seeing her mommy, Na-mi passes an individual’s area with the indication “Ha Chun-hwa,” and also considers her senior high school life. She asks her driver to take her to the all-girls senior high school she went to in Seoul. As she strolls towards the college, a secondary school lady run into her as well as says sorry pleasantly. Soon after, a 2nd woman run into her, yet she is not as considerate. She uses an intense, yellow coat, as a matter of fact, every one of the women are currently using vivid sweatshirts as well as brilliant trousers, as the setup is currently the 1980s with Na-mi (Shim Eun-kyung) as a teen.

At course, the ladies are cleaning documents and also appreciating posters of American stars. Most of the ladies are putting on American sports footwear brand names. The instructor gets in as well as presents Na-mi. The pupils tease her nation accent, and also she comes to be ashamed of her footwears and also garments. After the instructor leaves, 2 ladies relax shy Na-mi, and also bully her. As their comments transform ferocious, a huge Adidas bag strikes among them on the head. The lady reverses, all set to snap, however when she sees that it is, she promptly says sorry, as well as go back to her seat.

The lady that tossed the bag is Ha Chun-hwa (Kang So-ra), that presents Na-mi to her team of pals: Kim Jang-mi (Kim Min-young) is a portly lady that is stressed with her appearances, and also wishes plastic surgery for her eyes. Hwang Jin-hee (Park Jin-joo), the child of an Oriental literary works teacher, promises a lot. Search engine optimization Geum-ok (Nam Bo-ra) is an intense trainee that intends to come to be an author; she will certainly strike anybody that tinkers her close friends. Ryu Bok-hee (Kim Bo-mi) has desire for ending up being Miss Korea; she lugs a tiny hand mirror and also makes deals with to herself.

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Jung Su-ji (Minutes Hyo-rin) is a peaceful, strange appeal; whenever she speaks with Na-mi, it is constantly with derision. Na-mi is approved right into their team as their 7th participant, after she suddenly verifies herself versus a competing team from a various college when she utilizes her diabetic issues as a front for spirit property. Chun-hwa recommends calling their team; they choose “Sunny,” after a night-time radio DJ replies to their letter on air. Throughout this moment Na-mi fulfills Han Joon-ho (Kim Shi-hoo), a pal of Jang mi’s sibling. She is promptly captivated with him. Throughout the flick there are recalls of the moment both invested with each other as he ends up being Na mi’s puppy love.

Back at the here and now time, Na-mi go back to Chun-hwa’s area and also verifies it is certainly her secondary school buddy. She discovers that Chun-hwa (JinHee-kyung) came to be an effective businesswoman, however has incurable cancer cells with 2 months to live. Na-mi’s other half calls, as well as notifies her that he gets on a two-month organisation journey. As Na-mi leaves, she assures she will certainly see frequently; Chun-hwa after that informs her she would love to see Warm reunited again prior to she passes away.

Na-mi employs a private investigator to locate the participants of Sunny. Jang-mi (Go Soo-hee) is having a hard time as a life insurance policy sales representative. The coarse Jin-hee (Hong Jin-hee) wedded abundant, yet her partner rips off, as well as she acts to be ladylike. Geum-ok (Lee Yeon-kyung) is out of work as well as living in a confined home with her self-important sister-in-law, her sister-in-law’s spouse, and also a newborn. After her mom’s beauty parlor declared bankruptcy, Bok-hee (Kim Sun-kyung) had actually turned to hooking; her little girl lives at an orphanage. [12] The investigative keeps in mind that Su-ji has actually been incredibly challenging to locate; he advises uploading a paper advertisement. Na-mi additionally ask the investigatives to look for Joon-ho.

At some point he is located as well as Na mi mosts likely to see him. While on her method to see him, she blinks back to the moment the team of pals took place a journey with each other. While on the bus Na-mi attracts a picture of Joon-ho; she later on enters search of him with the intent of providing him the illustration. When she discovers him, she is surprised to see him as well as Su-ji kiss. She leaves in splits and also never ever provides him the image. Currently as a grown-up, she mosts likely to the document store Joon-ho possesses as well as sees Joon-ho’s kid (that looks precisely like the more youthful Joon-ho). She after that offers the now-older Joon-ho (Lee Geung-young) the illustration, and also by doing so she has the ability to release her puppy love.

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Chun-hwa die prior to the team procures with each other, yet by discovering each various other, the females revive their interest forever and also take pleasure in each various other’s business. At one factor Chun-hwa, Na-mi, Jang-mi as well as Jin-hee gathering to obtain retribution on the team of women that are harassing Na-mi’s little girl. At Chun-hwa’s funeral service, Bright (minus Su-ji), is rejoined, yet not every lady learns about each various other’s existing battles. As they will leave, Chun-hwa’s legal representative (Sung Ji-ru) strolls in and also asks if they are Sunny. He checks out Chun-hwa’s will, which bequeathes that Na-mi will certainly be the leader of Sunny. Jin-hee is offered the setting of vice-president; she looks let down since she anticipated something financial. To that, the attorney describes, “You are currently abundant” from Chun-hwa.

He after that checks out that, for Jang-mi, Chun-hwa had actually gotten life insurance policy from her, for all the participants of Sunny. Jang-mi is gladdened that she will lastly be primary in her sales for that month. To Geum-ok, Chun-hwa deals her a setting at her posting business, with an opportunity to come to be executive supervisor if she increases her sales. Chun-hwa fallen leaves Bok-hee a paid-for apartment or condo, to make sure that she could cope with her little girl. And also after she ends up rehabilitation, she will certainly likewise obtain the very beginning of Geum– ok’s structure, with a large amount of loan, so she could open up a hairdresser.

After the final thought of the analysis, each Chun-hwa’s last dream the females repeat their secondary school choreography by dancing to “Sunny” before Chun-hwa’s funeral photo. As they commemorate, Su-ji (Yoon Jung) makes a shock look. The movie finishes with recalls to their adolescent selves.

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