A teen woman, Su-mi, is being dealt with for shock as well as psychosis in a psychological organization. The physician concerns her regarding the day that led her to be institutionalized however she chooses not to respond to. Later on, Su-mi returns house to her family members’ private estate in the countryside with her dad and also her more youthful sibling Su-yeon. At a household supper, their chilly and also remote stepmother, Eun-joo, that continuously needs medicine after every dish, reveals that their uncle and also his other half will certainly get here tomorrow evening for a supper celebration. The siblings are let down with the news and also leave the table.

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Later on in the evening, Eun-joo rests with the dad yet he comes to be awkward and also rests in the living-room downstairs. Su-yeon listens to weird sounds in her room and also most likely to Su-mi for security. Su-mi experiences a frightening headache where the ghost of her organic mom climbs up on top of her bed with blood putting down her legs. After that, all the females in the family members find that their durations have actually taken place at the very same time.

The following day, Su-mi discovers a number of household pictures, which expose that her papa as well as Eun-joo when collaborated which her stepmother was previously an at home registered nurse for her late terminally sick organic mom. Su-mi finds contusions on her sibling’s arms as well as madly challenges Eun-joo concerning it. In the evening, their uncle and also his other half go to the supper celebration and also Eun-joo informs unusual tales, a lot to the confusion of the various other visitors. Instantly, the uncle’s partner experiences a fierce seizure as well as after recuperating, she informs her partner that she experienced a ghost of a girl existing underneath the kitchen area sink. Eun-joo efforts to look for the ghost yet an imperfect hand instantly connects from listed below the sink as well as acquires her arm.

After discovering that her pet dog bird has actually been eliminated, Eun-joo gets in Su-yeon’s area as well as uncovers an additional dead bird, in addition to defaced family member’s images of herself. She cruelly secures Su-yeon in the wardrobe and also chooses not to release her up until she apologises. Su-mi ultimately launches her sis as well as she tearfully apologises that she really did not hear her appeals in time. Su-mi’s dad criticizes her for the family members’s current injury, however she antiphons that Eun-joo is responsible for abusing Su-yeon. The papa informs her that Su-yeon is dead, mystifying the troubled Su-mi.

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The following early morning, after the dad leaves your home to set up Su-mi’s readmission to the psychological establishment, Eun-joo is seen dragging a bloodied sack throughout the corridors of your home and also whips it. After finding the path of blood, Su-mi thinks that Su-yeon is inside the sack and also tries to open it with a set of scissors. Eun-joo catches her as well as tries to heat her with boiling water however Su-mi stabs her in the hand with scissors.

Su-mi’s head is later on by force wrecked into a neighboring medication closet by Eun-joo that later on knocks her down subconscious. After recuperating, Eun-joo seriously advises her that she will not have the ability to neglect her current injury as she attempts to complete her off with a yard statuary. The dad gets back as well as takes the damaged Su-mi to a various space as he offers the apparently sorry Eun-joo with drug.

It is inevitably disclosed that Su-mi and also her daddy were alone in your house the whole time as well as the personalities of Su-yeon as well as Eun-joo were indications of her split personality problem. Su-mi has actually all at once switched over personality “settings” in between herself as well as Eun-joo and also she additionally visualizes Su-yeon existing as an outcome of not having the ability to approve her fatality a very long time earlier.

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In her “Eun-joo setting”, Su-mi imagines situations where she poses Eun-joo “abusing Su-yeon” however in truth wounds herself to “act” out these circumstances. The bloodied sack is exposed to not be bloody whatsoever as well as rather includes a porcelain doll, which Su-mi whips in her “Eun-joo” setting.

The dad and also the genuine Eun-joo get here and also send out Su-mi back to the psychological organization. Eun-joo efforts to integrate her connection with Su-mi, which was suggested to have actually been inefficient in the past, yet Su-mi declines her developments. Eun-joo as well as the daddy return residence as well as whilst remaining in the kitchen area alone in the evening, she listens to odd steps getting in Su-yeon’s previous room. She goes into the area to check out the resource of the footprints however the lights unexpectedly black out as well as the door is closed by a hidden pressure.

The storage room in the space unexpectedly opens up on its own, where Eun-joo inadvertently interrupts the ghost of either the organic mom or Su-yeon. The ghost continues to creep out of the storage room and also in the direction of Eun-joo and also her screams might be listened to outside your home, showing that she has actually been eliminated by the ghost. It is left unidentified whether the occasions in fact took place or became part of Su-mi’s deceptions.

Recalls ultimately disclose the day that led Su-mi to be institutionalised. The papa and also Eun-joo, that was still the at home of Su-mi and also Su-yeon’s terminally unwell organic mom, get back after a noticeable involvement. This creates both sis to storm off to their bed rooms with dissatisfaction. Su-yeon finds her organic mom in her area that seems dispirited by the current involvement.

She later on uncovers that her biologcal mom had actually hung herself in the storage room and also tries to revitalize her drab body, triggering the storage room to collapse in addition to her as well as gradually squash her to fatality. Eun-joo goes upstairs and also makes a decision to assist the passing away Su-yeon in the nick of time yet experiences Su-mi that participates in a warmed battle with her. Eun-joo eventually determines to leave Su-yeon for dead and also seriously advises Su-mi that she’ll “later on regret this minute” as Su-mi leaves your house, uninformed of the occasions that have actually lately taken place.

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