In a dark space, Amerigo Bonasera, a Sicilian-born undertaker, describes his predicament. Bonasera’s child is damaged as a result of a harsh attack by her boyfriend and his friends. He has actually concerned the Godfather, Don Vito Corleone, to enact justice where the law has actually failed. While Don Corleone conducts service in his shadowy office at the Corleone Mall in Long Beach, Long Island, the wedding of his child, Constanzia “Connie” Corleone and Carlo Rizzo is underway in the yard. Throughout the wedding event scene, director Francis Ford Coppola presents his audience to the essential members of the Corleone Crime Family. Sonny, Don Vito’s oldest son, is the hot-headed, philandering Underboss of the Family. Sonny’s younger sibling, Fredo, is a simple-minded, inefficient celebration animal. Michael, the youngest son, comes to the wedding dressed in his Marine uniform, accompanied by his WASP sweetheart, Kay Adams. Upon introducing her to his family and their “organisation”, Michael ensures Kay that he is not like his family.

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The wedding visitors are treated to an impromptu performance by Johnny Fontane, a famous crooner and actor – and Don Corleone’s godson. Later on, Johnny Fontane sits on Don Corleone’s desk, regreting the fact that he is desperate for a role in a brand-new war movie, however the studio head, Jack Woltz, has chosen not to consider him. After slapping his godson across the face for his display of weak point, Don Corleone guarantees to make Woltz “an offer he can’t decline”. In Los Angeles, Tom Hagen informs Woltz that if he casts Johnny Fontane in the leading function, Hagen’s confidential customer will assist him with his union problems. Woltz firmly insists and blows up that he will not be daunted by “goombas”, and sends Hagen away.

Back in New York, Don Corleone, Sonny, Fredo, Tom Hagen, and caporegimes Tessio and Clemenza meet Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo, who demands a cash infusion and protection for his narcotics trade. Don Corleone declines the offer – if he gets included in the narcotics trade, he might lose valuable political connections. After the conference, Don Corleone sends out Luca Brasi to learn more about Sollozzo and the Tattaglia Family, who support his activities in New York. However, Sollozzo and Tattaglia are onto Don Corleone’s relocation and eliminate Brasi. Later on, Don Corleone is assassinated by Sollozo’s criminals in the street. On the other hand, Sollozzo has actually kidnapped Tom Hagen and informs him that the Don is dead. Sollozzo pushes Hagen to encourage Sonny to accept his offer. After his conference with Tom Hagen, though, Sollozzo discovers that Don Corleone has actually endured the attack.

Michael discovers the attack on his dad by reading about it in the paper and immediately goes back to the Corleone Mall. Sonny realizes that Paulie Gatto, the Don’s bodyguard, offered him out and orders Gatto’s execution. That very same night, Sonny gets a plan from Sollozzo, consisting of Luca Brasi’s bulletproof vest twisted around some dead fish, an old Sicilian message meaning “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes”. The next day, Clemenza and Rocco Lampone take Paulie Gatto for a drive and murder him.

The following night, Michael goes to visit his dad in the hospital, however discovers that Sollozzo has settled the misaligned Police Captain, McCluskey, to send out away all the protection that Sonny had actually arranged. Scared for his dad’s life, Michael delves into action, hiding the Don in a different space and threatening McCluskey. In retaliation, McCluskey punches Michael, breaking his jaw. Back at the Corelone Mall, Tom Hagen alerts Sonny that killing Sollozzo, and for that reason, McCluskey, would ignite a war between the Corleones and the Tattaglias. Sonny backs down, but Michael is not encouraged. He develops a strategy to eliminate Sollozzo and McCluskey himself – if they do not, he asserts, the Don will be killed for sure.

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Back in Sicily, Don Tomassino tells Michael of his sibling’s untimely death and cautions him that Corelone is no longer safe for him. As Michael prepares to transfer to another vacation home, his automobile blows up, inadvertently killing Apollonia rather of Michael, the bomb’s intended victim. In New York, at a conference of the heads of the 5 Crime families, Don Corleone creates a truce. He assures not to enact vengeance for Sonny’s death and they all come to an acceptable solution. At that conference, Don Corleone recognizes that Barzini, not Tattaglia, is accountable for Sonny’s murder. Michael, who has actually given that returned from Sicily, goes to New England to see Kay Adams. He proposes to her, and she accepts, on the condition that he will make great on his promise to make the Corleone Family service genuine.

Michael takes control of as the Don of the Corleone family, pushing Tom Hagen aside and relying on his dad as consigliere. Tessio and Clemenza end up being progressively frustrated at Michael’s inaction while Barzini’s people close in on the Corleones’ organisation. Meanwhile, Michael is planning to move the family to Nevada to focus on their betting interests. In Las Vegas, Michael satisfies with Moe Greene, the administering Don, who chooses not to offer his shares of his gambling establishment to the Corleone household. An aged Don Corleone consults with Michael at the Corleone Mall, and tells his youngest child that he constantly hoped he would end up being a political leader – he never desired him in the family service. Sadly, he tells Michael, whomever organizes a meeting with Barzini is the traitor within the household. One afternoon, while having fun with Michael’s boy Anthony in the garden, Don Corleone collapses and dies. At the Don’s funeral, Tessio tells Michael that Barzini desires to arrange a meeting. Michael and Tom Hagen understand that this means Tessio has betrayed the household.

The day comes when Michael will be selected godfather to Connie and Carlo’s infant son. While Michael remains in the church, his grand plan unfolds. The Corleone caporegimes carry out a violent massacre of all the heads of the New York Families, in addition to Moe Greene in Las Vegas. After the baptism is over, Tom Hagen also has actually Tessio eliminated. Michael, who has actually discovered that Carlo assisted the Barzini family in killing Sonny, has his brother-in-law strangled to death. Later, as Michael is preparing to move the Corleone family to Las Vegas, his hysterical sibling Connie eyelashes out at him for eliminating Carlo. Kay asks Michael if Connie’s accusations hold true, and Michael lies to his wife, ensuring her that he had absolutely nothing to do with Carlo’s death. Eased, Kay goes out of Michael’s workplace to obtain a drink. When she looks back at her partner, his caporegimes are kissing his hand and calling him “Don Corleone”.

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