Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is a managing editor in principal of a publication posting business. After discovering she will be deported to Canada due to the fact that she broke the regards to her job visa, she convinces her aide, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), to wed her. She advises Andrew that if she’s deported, the job he placed in as her aide will certainly be shed, as well as he’ll be held up in his desire to end up being an editor. Mr. Gilbertson, a UNITED STATE migration representative, notifies them that he believes they are devoting scams to prevent Margaret’s expulsion.

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Gilbertson informs them that they’ll be asked concerns concerning each various other individually. If their responses do not match, Margaret will certainly be deported to Canada completely and also Andrew will certainly be founded guilty of a felony culpable by a $250,000 penalty and also 5 years behind bars. Andrew firmly insists that Margaret make him an editor after their marital relationship as well as release guide he’s been advising to her. Margaret concurs.

The pair takes a trip to Sitka, Alaska, Andrew’s home town, to fulfill his household. Margaret fulfills Andrew’s mom Poise (Mary Steenburgen) and also grandma Annie (Betty White), referred to as “Gammy”. Throughout the journey to the household residence, Margaret notifications that almost every store around brings the name Paxton as well as finds out that Andrew’s household remains in truth extremely affluent. Throughout a welcome residence celebration, Andrew challenges his daddy, Joe (Craig T. Nelson), that is mad regarding Andrew’s dating the one in charge he has actually as long done not like as well as assumes he is utilizing her to obtain in advance in his profession. After their debate, Andrew reveals the interaction to everybody. Margaret likewise fulfills Gertrude, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend.

The following day, Poise and also Annie take Margaret to a neighborhood bar as component of her bachelorette celebration to see a strip dancing by an in your area well-known however over-the-hill stripper, Ramone. Tipping far from the program, Margaret picks up from Gertrude that Andrew intended to come to be an editor and also make his very own life which Andrew had actually recommended to Gertrude. Gertrude rejected due to the fact that she really did not desire to leave Sitka for New York. Returning house, Margaret discovers of the problem in between Andrew and also Joe. That evening, Margaret asks Andrew regarding his partnership with his dad, yet Andrew chooses not to speak. Rather, Margaret opens to Andrew.

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The following day, the household persuades them to wed while they remain in Sitka. After Margaret recognizes just how close Andrew’s family members is, she comes to be distressed, jumps on Andrew’s watercraft, as well as scamper with him. She informs him she has actually been alone given that she was sixteen years of ages after her moms and dads passed away as well as had actually neglected exactly what it seemed like to have family members. She releases the helm and also stumbles to the rear of the watercraft. Andrew makes a dogleg to stay clear of striking a buoy, and also Margaret befalls of the watercraft. Andrew promptly transforms the watercraft around as well as conserves her due to the fact that she cannot swim. At the wedding, Margaret admits the fact regarding the wedding event to the visitors, consisting of Gilbertson that notifies her she has twenty-four hrs to leave for Canada.

Margaret goes back to the Paxton the home of load her points. Andrew hurries to their space just to discover Margaret has actually currently left, leaving the abovementioned publication manuscript with a note of appreciation as well as an assurance to release it. Gertrude tries to comfort Andrew as well as asks if he is mostlikely to pursue her. As he hurries out to discover Margaret, an additional debate occurs in between him and also Joe. Annie forges a cardiac arrest and also persuades them to integrate prior to the “dies”.

After she is successful in obtaining points moving once again, she fess ups to forging the cardiovascular disease as it was the only methods to obtain their interest. Andrew’s moms and dads recognize he actually enjoys Margaret. He most likely to New York City as well as informs Margaret he enjoys her before the whole workplace team. They kiss, after that most likely to Gilbertson and also educate him they are once again involved, but also for genuine this moment. The movie finishes with Gilbertson asking inquiries (several of them unimportant) not just to Andrew and also Margaret, however additionally Joe, Elegance, Annie as well as Ramone.

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